A scientific method, controlled medically, allows in certain cases to avoid surgical operation by reducing hernia completely, notably inguinale and crurale, dispelling a sigmoïdite at the same time when it is linked to him.
This method of final reduction, was worked out from 2004 till 2009 by the Doctor O.G. Francoeur (store to the National Academy of medicine on February 2nd, 2009).
For abdominal hernias and sigmoïdite, it has that so am studied, from 2004 till 2009, a possibility of reducing definitely without surgery some abdominal hernias, of which hernias inguinales, crurales, umbilical and the intensity of the sigmoïdite.
Except emergencies, the surgery would cease being the exclusive treatment of some abdominal hernias and of sigmoïdites. Hormis les cas d'urgence, la chirurgie cesserait d'être le traitement exclusif de certaines hernies abdominales et des sigmoïdites.


- DOCTOR OF MEDICINE, of the Faculty of medicine of Paris


- Sworn doctor in the Court D.D.A.S.S.

- Expert doctor agreed to the Department of Paris for the examination of the situations of the civil servants of the State

- Silver medal of the city of Paris

- Authors of 18 communications scientific, published

- In creating a method of radical remedy of chronic asthma

- In creating a natural method of remedy of abdominal hernias and of sigmoïdites, diverticulaires or not, without surgery (information passed on to each other then deposited on February 2nd, 2009 to the national Academy of medicine)

- In registered an original expression of a medicament of the heart at the Industrial Chamber of Medicaments

- Medical ex-member of the Council of the Society of people de Lettres (sponsor: Jules Roman, the French Academy)

- Editor of several doctors' works among which: «Diary of a Surgeon»

- Author of 10 literary works, (history, novel, humour, poem).

- Founder manager of medical newspaper

- Doctor adviser of laboratories (France, Ireland) -

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