A scientific method, controlled medically, allows in certain cases to avoid surgical operation by reducing hernia completely, notably inguinale and crurale, dispelling a sigmoïdite at the same time when it is linked to him.
This method of final reduction, was worked out from 2004 till 2009 by the Doctor O.G. Francoeur (store to the National Academy of medicine on February 2nd, 2009).
For abdominal hernias and sigmoïdite, it has that so am studied, from 2004 till 2009, a possibility of reducing definitely without surgery some abdominal hernias, of which hernias inguinales, crurales, umbilical and the intensity of the sigmoïdite.
Except emergencies, the surgery would cease being the exclusive treatment of some abdominal hernias and of sigmoïdites. Hormis les cas d'urgence, la chirurgie cesserait d'être le traitement exclusif de certaines hernies abdominales et des sigmoïdites.

Francoeur's Method : The nine medecines

They often ask of what is made up Method Francoeur?

As much as many medicines are supplementary, that he would be tiring, then very expensive, to go to see patients: a general practitioner, a gastroenterologist, a physical therapist, a dietician, a doctor of sports, etc I tested Method by using at the same time nine patiently studied medicines:

1 - The general hygiene, adapted to all your body.
2 - Dietetics particular, but nice.
3 - Abdominal exercises, some which I created and that did not exist.
4 - Positions, most were created by my observations for five years.
5 - The Picture of six. 5 - Le Tableau des six.
6 - Advice of exact change, allopathiques and homoeopathic.
7 - «Method of contention», necessary first weeks.
8 - Alternated, notably cold hydrotherapy (in a hot room).
9 - A ninth practice of treatment, which will be announced to you with method Francoeur.

Method Francoeur was deposited to the National Academy of Medicine on February 2nd, 2009.

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